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Honey Heads

From Harmonies to Honey

Around 2011 while on family vacation Douglas and Draper Mauldin, founders of Honey Heads Honey Company, spotted a bee farm in the hills of Arkansas and, as usual, they immediately stopped the truck and went out to meet the bee keeper. In just a few moments they had become good friends with the bee keeper and even cut a deal to buy a dozen hives.

A year or two later while living in Nashville and playing music they met a man by the name of Ibriham. From the Country of Jordan, Ibrahim has to be one of the most intelligent bee keepers in the world. He was selling his honey on the street corners of Nashville when he met the Mauldins and has been mentoring them ever since.  Fast forward to now, and Honey Heads is proudly nurturing between 150 and 200 active hives located in multiple locations throughout Tennessee and Mississippi.

It’s this story that helped inspire us to develop the new brand and website design for Honey Heads Bee Company. 

Product photography, concert photography, brand design, social media design, and website design; we are extremely excited at the end result.

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