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Our good friends at Titan Customs & Collision shared an amazing story with us of how they decided to contact us to help them build their online presence.  It was amazing to hear this story from them!

Turns out that prior to their grand opening they started a project to research custom body shop websites in the USA.  To narrow the search down, they limited the search to major cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Vegas, Miami, and Memphis.  After several days of searching they ran across an auto body shop located just over the state line from Memphis in Mississippi.  That body shop was one of our clients, Millennium Paint & Body!  When they scrolled down to the footer, they found our contact info.  They couldn’t believe that their favorite website was not only local, but so was the developer.  They contacted us immediately and the partnership began.

Part of the partnership was to just build their website, but also help with content creation.  Below are some examples of content we created for them.  One is the Titan logo reveal video clip that is used as a branding asset edited into their videos.  You can see how we implemented this into a video by watching the second video posted here.

Here is an example of how we used the above video to promote Titan on Facebook.  In a matter of a few days this testimonial video reached over 8,000 people and had 612 engagements!  Not too shabby for an impromptu video!  

Are you using social media to the best of your ability?  If you answered no, we would love to help you get to yes!

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